Jesus I trust in You

As we reflect today of the effects of the corona virus i.e. fear, sickness,  death,  grief  etc. We turn to the source of all grace and protection, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  As we read the words from Mark 4:35-41.  We think of Jesus with his disciples in the boat crossing the lake and out of nowhere without warning a storm came up.  Everybody in that boat was terrified but Jesus was asleep in the stern.   Aware that many of them were fishermen familiar with stormy waters but this time it was different.  Out of the depth of their fear, thinking that they were going to drown, cried out to Jesus “do you not care if we perish?”    Jesus awoke and calmed the storm.  Then he questioned their faith saying “why are you afraid, have you no faith”.  In other words “do you not trust me?”  In this situation we are now experiencing, it is very natural for us to be afraid of an enemy we cannot see and that is why our faith is put to the test.

We have heard of the protection of God during World War II in Warsaw through the Divine Mercy.  Even though the whole city was destroyed, two houses were left standing because they had a postcard size image of the Divine Mercy venerated in their homes.  Like the disciples in the boat they turned to Jesus because they were afraid we too should turn to the Divine Mercy image every day and say “Jesus I trust in you”.

Fr. Michael Sopocko declared Blessed by Pope Benedict XVI,  recalled that Jesus also said:  “Let everyone procure for their homes this Image because there will yet come trials. And those homes, and entire families, and everyone individually who will hold this image of mercy in deep reverence, I will preserve from every sort of misfortune. The time will come when all those who do so will give witness to the miraculous efficacy and to the special protection of mercy flowing from this Image.”